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Game Demo for Round 2

this is our Round 2 video submission, yeah although its a bit mess but enough to give you a picture about our is very difficult to capture our game into 3 minutes video..hehe but please enjoy it 🙂


Ideas behind Scrub Game

Like the name, we are trying to raise global warming issues and also environmental destruction in our Earth..

this is the intro video that we made for the game..Enjoy it

Award to be Achieved…

In this game, we are trying to make it as real as possible… we know that every government or institution that concerns to environment has done several efforts to help make sustainable environment in our Earth…

For example, they give many awards to every single person that help make this world better. And, in return, many campaign have been implemented in several countries… because of that, we are trying to deliver those message in our game.. we want every person who play our game realize about it..

Proudly Present…

Award from Green Works Governor..:-D

GreenWorks Award

We specially award this award for you because of your awareness for the environment. And this is from Green Works Governor

Kalpataru Award

Kalpataru is specially offered to Indonesian Earth Rescuer

Mokugift is part of the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign, check for further information.
UNEP Sasakawa Prize

This international award is a partnership between UNEP and The Nippon Foundation
The Seed Award

It recognizes innovation in local, environmentally responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship
Focus On Your World Award

Competition that recognizes artists who use photographs to reflect the diversity of the planet and its people

Ozone Award

Ozone Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of individuals in areas related to protecting the Earth’s ozone layer

Champions of the Earth

It recognizes outstanding environmental leaders that have exemplified innovation for the environment

Now, its up to you how to get them all and collect it to your inventory 😀

    Scrub on Imagine Cup 2010

    hello, I am the project manager of Green Works Team.

    Our project name is Scrub, stand for Stop Causes of global warming by Removing Unwanted Object on the sky.. :-D

    Initially, this idea came from me, I am so interested in Environment Issues, then came scrub in my mind. basically I am a Pro Gamer, so its easier to find idea about game than another application..:-D

    But my idea was not unique enough, then my developer, Fahim, told us about new features, and my team thought that the features is very unique. Then the final idea had been accomplished and submitted to Imagine Cup 2010.

    With good art from Tulus, good analysis from Alvi, then very good development from Fahim, Green Works Proudly present SCRUB…

    here is the preview,

    scrub main menu

    You are invited in the mission of extending the earth life in threat of global warming. As time goes, greenhouse gases are slowly killing the ozone layer and exposing the earth to more threats and disasters caused by global warming. In this game we want you to act fast! We hope by playing this game everyone can grasp the message of reducing global warming easily and start making changes by implementing the action sentences in real life. This act will hopefully support the MDG number 7 about climate change.